Open Workshops for Kids@ Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

garage kids
Here you don’t need to speak russian to make ART!

Open Workshop Master Classes
Open Workshops accompanying the exhibition Russian Performance: A Cartography of its History

Saturdays and Sundays, 13:00–17:00
For children aged 5+ and creative adults
Admission is free


November 23
Cycle of Classes: Theater of Machines
Lesson 2: Stage and Decorations

We will continue learning avant-garde theater and scenography, works of director V. Meyerhold, artists K. Malevich and L. Popova. We’ll analyze the constructions of mobile scenes with moving footsteps, springboards and rotating decorations and choose the technology of creating decorations.

November 29
Victory Over the Sun: Theatrical Experiments

The experimental staging of the avant-garde opera Victory Over the Sun (Malevich, Kruchenykh, and Matyushin) changed the very idea of theater. Project yourself into the characters of the opera, creating Futurist hats, costumes, and masks.

November 30
Cycle of Classes: Theater of Machines
Lesson 3: Actors and Costumes

In the final lesson of the course we will analyze the correlation between characters and their costumes. Is costume more important than decoration? We’ll create dolls-actors for our avant-garde performance, invent costumes based on K. Malevich and L. Popova’s works and develop a system of movements focusing on choreographer N. Foregger and director V. Meyerhold’s creativity.

Garage Gorky Park
Gorky Park is between Leninskiy prospect and Zamoskvorechie Areas,
9, Krymskiy Val Street,

m. Oktyabrskaya, m. Park Kulturi

Official website


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