Happy Spring and Labour Day!

Happy Spring and Labour day in Russia

Labour Day in Russia is celebrated on May 1st. Interestingly enough; it has been called many different names in Russia. This holiday is often referred to as Pervomay, May 1st. and The celebration of the Spring and Labour Day in Russia. Its official name is International Workers’ Solidarity Day.

Want to know more about the celebration and about interesting events during this weekend? Find it in the Moscow Digest


TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with

TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with
This week, we will talk about the changes that happen with us after living in Russia for a while.
We will talk about the Russian goods that gradually get in our grocery list. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine, how countries change our tastes.

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Travelling with your cat

traveling-with-your-cat copy

Unfortunately most cats are not particularly happy travelers – they are usually bonded strongly to their own territory and feel very vulnerable off home ground. We found for you a nice article from International cat care about how to travel with your lovely cat for short and long distances.

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Moscow Digest April 11th&12th

This weekend will be very special with two main celebrations: the Orthodox Easter and the Cosmonautic day. But this is not all; we also find for you plenty of interesting events and musical concerts as well as interesting fairs with special and unique goods.

Our main themes are: Festivals, Cosmonautic day the TOP7 Facts about the Cosmos, Orthodox Easter, Fairs and Markets, Expos and Music.

Intermark Relocation has acquired a new friend!

Friends of Intermark - Expat life style

On April, 2 our team got acquainted with Joycita Sims – an expat from the United Kingdom, who agreed to share her experience of adaptation in Russia. Continue reading

Moscow Digest 006.15 March 7th & 8th

The 8th of March is so soon! The most important holiday of spring, with flowers and good mood! We selected for you the best events to attend this great weekend. The main themes are: Festivals and Markets, Expo, Kids (with our Monthly Russian Fairy Tail), Sports and Music.

Moscow digest 005.15 – February 28th & March 1st

This weekend will be interesting! Find very special Festivals, great Markets to get ready for the Women Day and much more interesting events!

Our main Themes are: Festivals, Fairs, Expo and Music with a TOP 7of the best places to listen to jazz and blues in Moscow.

Moscow Digest 004.2015 February 21st&22nd

Maslenitsa week in Moscow will be held at about 150 different events, we choose for you the best ones!

But this is not all, our main themes for the weekend are: Maslenitsa, Expos & Music.

Moscow digest #003.15 february 14th&15th

Can you feel love in the Air? St Valentine day is already this weekend! And of course we selected the most interesting events and places to be.

Our main themes are: Festivals, Expos and Music. With a TOP5 selection of the Best Romantic Places in Moscow and 25 Quotes about Love.