TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with

TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with
This week, we will talk about the changes that happen with us after living in Russia for a while.
We will talk about the Russian goods that gradually get in our grocery list. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine, how countries change our tastes.

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Moscow Digest March 21st&22nd

Do you know how to have a nice Friday?
Easy, just start to getting ready for the weekend!

Find the best events in the Moscow Digest for the equinox weekend and enjoy Moscow with us!
Our main themes are: Festivals and fairs with our TOP5 Best Irish places in Moscow, Expos and Music.

Moscow digest #003.15 february 14th&15th

Can you feel love in the Air? St Valentine day is already this weekend! And of course we selected the most interesting events and places to be.

Our main themes are: Festivals, Expos and Music. With a TOP5 selection of the Best Romantic Places in Moscow and 25 Quotes about Love.

Moscow Digest November 22nd & 23rd

This weekend will be terrific!

Especially if you are interested in Italian Culture.

The Moscow Digest this week will present events from following sections: Festivals and Markets, Exhibitions and Music!

TOP7 VO cinemas in Moscow

top cinemas

TOP7 VO Cinemas in Moscow

If you like to watch a great movie in a cosy cinema with good sound and big screen – this post if for you! We find the best cinemas with movies with original language.

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Moscow not in the Top5 of the most expensive cities in the World

Singapore has topped 131 cities globally to become the world’s most expensive city to live in 2014, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

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