Opening of the cycling season by “Danger! Bikes!”


Flowers and birds – is not the first sign that winter is finally over and that it’s time to enjoy the warmth. “What is it?”- Will you ask, the answer is simple – “The Cyclists!”

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Autumn Digest 2014

When the hot summer passes people get extra eager to make the best of the Autumn months before the cold wintertime begins.

We carefully selected the best activities in Moscow for all types. As a plus, we added a list of the best Moscow Markets. Enjoy the Autumn with Intermark Relocation !

Do you know where to fly in Moscow Area?

fly in moscow

The aerodynamic complex Freezone is one of the most technologically advanced flight simulators in the world. The Freezone complex consists of two enclosed tunnels, which makes it unique. The small tunnel is 11 X 3,5 m the big one 15 X 3,5 m! The aerodynamic tube is completely safe for everyone from 4 to 110 years old.

Freezone is in Moscow Region
Symferopolskoe shosse, 59th km
(39 km from MKAD)

Official website