New restored sculpture in Gory Park

Gorky Park

In October 2013 in Gorky park was found a piece of some garden monument made of concrete. Therewas a disc-shaped base and what looked liked a part of a foot, an ankle and the hem of a skirt.

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VDV day


Please, be informed, on The 2nd of August in Gorky Park will take place the celebration of the VDV day and most part of cafes, restaurants and rental services will be closed.

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Gorky Park, Once Drab, Now Glows

Gorky Park

Interesting article about the Goky Park by New York Times.

MOSCOW — The runners and bikers arrive first, gliding along the bank of the Moscow River. Later come the legions of in-line skaters, parents pushing baby strollers, children on scooters, brides tottering on high heels.

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Gorky Park – Retro Photos

Gorky Park - retro photo of Moscow

Nowadays, Moscow has countless places where you can have fun!
But then, in 1928, the opening of Gorky Park made a splash! On
opening day more than 100,000 people came! The flow of people was almost endless! The average attendance ranged from 100 to 200 thousand people per day! And everyone found something interesting to do.

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Mamalish @ Gorky park


Mamalish is a new wave of kids’ studio; here it’s interesting for kids and mums. 
Mums have Wi-Fi connection and are able to do their things, or to listen a master-class – while the children is with a teacher. On Monday from 11AM-2PM – Club of English speaking mums.

For more info call: Natalia 8-967-164-7550 (English speaking)

Mamalish is in Gorky Park,
Gorky Park is between Leninskiy prospect and Zamoskvorechie Areas,
9, Krymskiy Val Street, m. Oktyabrskaya or m. Park Kulturi
Official website

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