Not easy to imagine, but this is Moscow Metro Map, in 1980

Not easy to imagine, but this is Moscow Metro Map, in 1980.


Anti-smoking law


Did you know, that since the start of the year, the police made about 30 000 penalties for violating of the Anti-smoking law?

Russia becomes more and more strict with smokers. Stay tuned to know about the new anti-smoking law in Russia that will be active start the 1st of June.

Moscow Metro News

metro water

Good news for everyone! in Moscow metro will be installed water vending machines.
The days when the temperature will be hotter than +28C, the water will be FREE; all the other days a can of water will cost around 40RUR.
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New wagons for Moscow Metro

new wagon

Very soon in Moscow metro will be launched new wagons!
The new ones will have an easy access between wagons, a special antibacterial air filter, special air-condition system and anti-graffiti walls.

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Moscow Metro is the Best! 

moscow metro best

By the Analytics centre of Transport Department, the functionality of Moscow metro is more perfect than in Paris, London, Mexico, Madrid and New York!

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