Masha and the Bear


Once upon a time there lived an old man and woman who had a granddaughter named Masha. One day some friends of Masha’s decided to go to the forest to gather mushrooms and berries and they came to Masha’s house to ask her to go with them.

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Autumn Digest 2014

When the hot summer passes people get extra eager to make the best of the Autumn months before the cold wintertime begins.

We carefully selected the best activities in Moscow for all types. As a plus, we added a list of the best Moscow Markets. Enjoy the Autumn with Intermark Relocation !

Find below interesting characteristics of the Third Culture Kids

Formally defined, TCKs are people who have spent a portion of their formative childhood years (0-18) in a culture different than their parents’. 

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Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects

Moscow kids

Interesting article “Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects”, by Moscow Times

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The up-side-down world


Did you know about the up-side-down house in Moscow? It’s a truly interesting experience for all the family. Can you imagine to walk on the ceiling?

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