Parking in Moscow

free parking

Good news for auto drivers!
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Cost of owning a car

Own a car

The research done by the Economist shows the total cost of buying a family car (an average of low- and high-end brands) in selected cities in 2010, then running it for three years. It is good and somewhat suprising news that Moscow has not made to 5 – being number 8.

Moscow Traffic Ranked World’s Worst

Moscow traffic jam

Moscow has finally taken first place in an international rating, but it’s in a category the authorities would like to be excluded from.

Have a look on the interesting article by The Moscow Times.

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Moscow Road quality powered by Google

moscow roads

Good news for drivers, a new project powered by Google will show you the “bad” Moscow roads, with injuries and holes. Now you can choose a “good” road for your car.

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You don’t know were to find a Parking place in Moscow? 

moscow parking

The Moscow Government creates a special application to give you more information about parking zones. With this application you can find parking near your location, pay the parking fee by phone and more.

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