Happy Spring and Labour Day!

Happy Spring and Labour day in Russia

Labour Day in Russia is celebrated on May 1st. Interestingly enough; it has been called many different names in Russia. This holiday is often referred to as Pervomay, May 1st. and The celebration of the Spring and Labour Day in Russia. Its official name is International Workers’ Solidarity Day.

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Snow Leopards

snow Leopard in Russia

These rare and beautiful big gray cats are Snow Leopards, they live in the mountains of Central Asia (in Russia mostly from the west of Lake Baikal through southern Siberia).

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Now time for cute Russian Bears photos=)

Russian Bears from Kamtchatka

Kamchatka is the home to the densest population of brown bears in the world. Each lake, river and stream is populated by several families of those huge animals. 
The adult male may weigh up to one ton. 

Photographer Sergey Ivanov