Moscow digest 013 – April 25th and 26th

Our Digest is your key to interesting weekends in Moscow! And this weekend will be amazing! The highlight for this weekend: Festivals, Fairs and Markets, Expos, Music, Shows and Taste of Russia with our TOP5 best Russian goods that you will love after moving in Moscow!

Moscow Digest 006.15 March 7th & 8th

The 8th of March is so soon! The most important holiday of spring, with flowers and good mood! We selected for you the best events to attend this great weekend. The main themes are: Festivals and Markets, Expo, Kids (with our Monthly Russian Fairy Tail), Sports and Music.

Moscow digest 005.15 – February 28th & March 1st

This weekend will be interesting! Find very special Festivals, great Markets to get ready for the Women Day and much more interesting events!

Our main Themes are: Festivals, Fairs, Expo and Music with a TOP 7of the best places to listen to jazz and blues in Moscow.

Moscow Digest 004.2015 February 21st&22nd

Maslenitsa week in Moscow will be held at about 150 different events, we choose for you the best ones!

But this is not all, our main themes for the weekend are: Maslenitsa, Expos & Music.

Moscow digest #003.15 february 14th&15th

Can you feel love in the Air? St Valentine day is already this weekend! And of course we selected the most interesting events and places to be.

Our main themes are: Festivals, Expos and Music. With a TOP5 selection of the Best Romantic Places in Moscow and 25 Quotes about Love.

Moscow digest #002.15 february 7th&8th

We are already in the second month of the year, how fast past the time! This weekend we prepared for you some amazing tips on how to have an amazing weekend. These editions main themes: Festivals, Fairs, Expo, Giving happiness, Sports and Music.