Good news for parents and kids! 

detsky mir

On the 27th of August, will be re-open the “Kid’s World” (Детский Мир (Detskiy Mir) in Russian), but in a new place.

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Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects

Moscow kids

Interesting article “Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects”, by Moscow Times

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Do you know where to fly in Moscow Area?

fly in moscow

The aerodynamic complex Freezone is one of the most technologically advanced flight simulators in the world. The Freezone complex consists of two enclosed tunnels, which makes it unique. The small tunnel is 11 X 3,5 m the big one 15 X 3,5 m! The aerodynamic tube is completely safe for everyone from 4 to 110 years old.

Freezone is in Moscow Region
Symferopolskoe shosse, 59th km
(39 km from MKAD)

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baby contact

BabyContact is a form of dance for parents with babies from about two months to two years. The focus of the class is on the contact of a baby and an adult in movement. Our classes are a way to explore moving with your baby in a supportive atmosphere.

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