Intermark Relocation has acquired a new friend!

Friends of Intermark - Expat life style

On April, 2 our team got acquainted with Joycita Sims – an expat from the United Kingdom, who agreed to share her experience of adaptation in Russia. Continue reading


Jennifer Sherman on Russia Today

Moscow has all opportunities to make your ideas real. Our “Friend of Intermark” Jennifer Sherman took a part in a morning show on Russia Today TV channel and told about her new business in Moscow. Just don’t be afraid, and you will succeed!

Are you a Happy Expat?

happy expat

According to Global Coach Centre, these 7 habits will help you to become one!

1. Happy expats are intensely curious.
2. Happy expats accept others as they come, they don’t judge, and they don’t try to change people to their liking. 
3. Happy expats look at everything as an amazing learning experience.
4. Happy expats find opportunities wherever they are and they don’t lament those they’ve left behind.
5. Happy expats know that feeling sad at times is part of the game.
6. Happy expats share.
7. Happy expats stay clear of criticism, sulking, and stonewalling.