Park Sokolniki

Sokolniki Park, named for the falcon hunt of the Grand Dukes of Muscovy formerly conducted there, is located in the eponymous Sokolniki District of Moscow.

Sokolniki Park
1, Sokolnichesky Val str., bld.1
m. Sokolniki

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New Pass for Moscow

Moscow is easy!
Now you can buy a special “PrimePass” that give you the possibility during 24h to use all the Public transports and enter in museums* without limits!
The pass cost 1099RUB
*Moscow planetarium, Museum of Moscow, Moscow Zoo, Tretyakov Gallery.

Radically different leadership styles

leadership charts

Working abroad give us the possibility to be open-minded and to understand other cultures.
Different cultures can have radically different leadership styles.

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Jennifer Sherman on Russia Today

Moscow has all opportunities to make your ideas real. Our “Friend of Intermark” Jennifer Sherman took a part in a morning show on Russia Today TV channel and told about her new business in Moscow. Just don’t be afraid, and you will succeed!