Happy Tatiana and Student Day!

Tatiana and Student day in russia

On the 25th of January in Russia is celebrated the Tatiana day & the student day.

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When bigger isn’t better


Have a look on an interesting article by The Economist about languages.
Which language would you like to learn next?

HOW would you rank “important” languages? If asked to rattle them off, many people start with English, but after that are reluctant to go further. Important how, they ask. One approach would be to look at people and money: surely a language is important if it is spoken by lots of people, in countries with great wealth (and presumably, therefore, power).

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Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects

Moscow kids

Interesting article “Private Schools on the Rise as Parents Look for International Prospects”, by Moscow Times

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Kids in Moscow

kids in moscow
Summer is in full swing and kids in Moscow enjoy bikes and roller skates. Some even use it to go to school!

This picture was taken near French School in Zamoskovrechie area.

Photo by Andrey Lukash

Bilingual children have a better ‘working memory’ than monolingual children.

kids of all ages banner

A study conducted at the University of Granada and the University of Yorkin Toronto, Canada, has revealed that bilingual children develop a better working memory –which holds, processes and updates information over short periods of time– than monolingual children.

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