Happy Spring and Labour Day!

Happy Spring and Labour day in Russia

Labour Day in Russia is celebrated on May 1st. Interestingly enough; it has been called many different names in Russia. This holiday is often referred to as Pervomay, May 1st. and The celebration of the Spring and Labour Day in Russia. Its official name is International Workers’ Solidarity Day.

Want to know more about the celebration and about interesting events during this weekend? Find it in the Moscow Digest


Moscow Digest

Welcome the first long weekend of May with the celebration of the Spring & Labour Day!
3 days of holidays to enjoy Moscow with us!

We selected the best events for you in the following themes: Festivals in Moscow, Expo in Moscow, Music in Moscow and Kids with the traditional Monthly Fairy tail and the TOP5 of the best Aqua parks in Moscow. No time to sit home!

TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with

TOP5 Russian Food to fall in love with
This week, we will talk about the changes that happen with us after living in Russia for a while.
We will talk about the Russian goods that gradually get in our grocery list. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine, how countries change our tastes.

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30 BEST Vintage photos of Moscow

Great vintage photography of Moscow retroo

During years we carefully selected vintage photos of Moscow and post them on our Facebook.

Now we selected the 30 Best retro pictures of the capital of Russia, the ones that has the most of likes in our Facebook Album!

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Moscow digest 013 – April 25th and 26th

Our Digest is your key to interesting weekends in Moscow! And this weekend will be amazing! The highlight for this weekend: Festivals, Fairs and Markets, Expos, Music, Shows and Taste of Russia with our TOP5 best Russian goods that you will love after moving in Moscow!

Travelling with your cat

traveling-with-your-cat copy

Unfortunately most cats are not particularly happy travelers – they are usually bonded strongly to their own territory and feel very vulnerable off home ground. We found for you a nice article from International cat care about how to travel with your lovely cat for short and long distances.

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