Russian Gingerbread – Pryanik

Russian Pryanik
Pryaniki is an Old Russian gourmandise that was made for special occasion.
The Pryanik was not a Russian creation, the firsts Honey-cookie was made en Egypt in 350 before JC. The Pryanik is similar to the “Speculoos” created in Belgium (Namur). In Russia they appeared in IX century.

Produced in 3 types – stamped, carved and mulled, according to different region. Pryniks are a part of Russian living. The Most popular Pryaniks are from Tula Region, Stamped one, as in the picture.

Russian Pryanik is usually covered by sugar icing and with jam inside. Pryanik is one of the best sweet to accommodate with tea. Pryaniks are easy buy in every supermarket. It’s tasty!

Did you try it already?


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